15 Things Millionaires Don‘t Buy or Do: What Are They Really Thinking?

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Those who are called millionaires seem to have their own investment principles.

We can learn from their philosophy in order to escape from the monthly burdensome expenses. Here are 15 things that millionaires avoid in order to achieve a rich life:

#1: Brand-name fashion

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said that he liked to wear a $10-worth watch.Surprisingly, with the exception of social occasions, some millionaires like to use mundane and practical items.

It is fine to have fancy dresses and shoes for important events, but not necessary to wear them every day.

#2: Pretend to be rich

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On the way to becoming wealthy, you should not imitate rich people’s appearance. Even if you pretend to belong to the upper class by buying a brand-new car or holding a gorgeous dinner party, the huge amount of bills will haunt you afterwards.

IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad flies in economy class and drives an old Volvo, so some successful business people are committed to saving money.

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Text by Yamato Aoba