20 Things About the True Picture of North Korea: $10 Trillion-Worth of Treasures Under the Land?

Pyongyang Press Corps Pool via AP

Qualified hacker groups
Since North Korea has been also focusing on IT technology, the hacker groups in this country are becoming a serious threat to other countries. North Korea has stolen foreign currencies and cryptocurrencies worth $670 million, according to the United Nations Security Council, reportedly damaging banks in Bangladesh, India and Chile. When Sony Pictures produced a comedy movie featuring Kim Jong-un, the company was targeted by hackers and the movie had to be suspended. Despite such excellent hackers, the public in the country is completely banned from using the Internet, which is very ironic.

Original OS and network
North Korea, where the Internet is blocked from the outside, has built a dedicated intranet. A network known as “Glow Light” has been running since 2000, allowing users to browse a limited number of websites, search for terms, and send and receive emails, among other things. In addition, a country-specific operating system (basic software) was developed. Linux has been used for the backbone, and the interface is similar to Windows XP in the previous version and macOS in the present version. Some say that Kim Jong-un made the OS change because he liked the Mac.

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Text by 青葉やまと