Top 20 Most Addictive Foods: Make sure you don’t overeat those popular foods you just can‘t resist!

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When asked about addictive substances, you may think of cigarettes or caffeine. However, some of the foods you eat regularly can be addictive. The condition of craving certain foods is called food addiction or eating addiction, and it can easily lead to obesity through overeating.

According to the U.S. magazine Health Line, about 20 percent of the population suffers from food addiction. An animal experiment with rats reports that eating certain snacks create a more intense addiction than cocaine.

How should we be concerned about eating the foods that we tend to become addicted to? Here are the top 20 foods that are the most likely to cause addiction, according to a study conducted in the United States.

#20: Egg (2.18*)
* Numbers from one to seven indicate the degree of food addiction, with higher scores indicating greater addiction.

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Nutrient-rich egg contains a wide variety of components, including protein, several vitamins, zinc, iron, copper, and an essential trace mineral, selenium.

This food is also addictive, and eating too many eggs can cause a sharp rise in cholesterol levels.

#19: Nuts (2.47)

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Despite their small size per grain, nuts are known as one of addictive foods.

A large number of people may have experienced eating a lot of nuts without realizing it, when they originally intended to eat only a few. Surprisingly, fatty nuts are high in calories, so it is recommended to eat them with caution.

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Text by Yamato Aoba