20 Scary and Beautiful Bridges in the World

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Regardless of the period, bridges have been an important building, which greatly extend the range of people’s lives by crossing the water. From a log bridge over a water stream in a rural area to a bridge connecting to man-made islands, bridges in Japan, regardless of their scale, support our lives. As we look across the globe, bridges that deter us from crossing are being built. By demonstrating courage, people can see magnificent views from the bridge. Here is a list of 20 of the world’s most unusual bridges.

◆ 1. Aerial walks at higher elevations than trees: the Kakum Canopy walk
The Canopy Walk, located in Ghana’s Kakum National Park, is a popular tourist attraction. The Walk with a suspension bridge surrounded by ropes more than 300 meters long, will allow a tourist to walk in the air at 40 meters above ground. But the challenge requires the courage. There are only walls woven by ropes on both sides and all the views below are seen at the feet. Moreover, as a scaffold, you only have planks just to hold both legs. In the wild forest, a big adventure crossing seven suspension bridges awaits you, going through the tree’s branches. As other visitors walk, the bridge tends to be swung. This place is originally the area where the bird’s voices are heard and wild monkeys are observed. It may be up to visitor’s courage to enjoy the situation.

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◆ 2. The world’s most dangerous bridge: the Hussaini Bridge
There are spectacular sights around the world that people can enjoy if they have the courage. One of them is the Hussaini Bridge, which is said to be “the most dangerous bridge in the world.” The critical ropes and scaffolding boards of the pedestrian bridge over the Borith Lake in northern Pakistan has rotted over time, making a whimsical sound every time people walk. Even though the ice-covered lake and surrounding mountains are magnificent, many people will not be able to enjoy the scenery. The bridge used to serve as an important route to connect local communities, but the bridge was severely damaged in the 2011 monsoon. The area is still a popular destination for hikers and tourists to test their hearts.

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