Ranking of Cars People Give Up Within the First Year in the U.S.

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 If you could get a new dream car, you would want to drive it for as long as possible. So long as you are satisfied with the performance and quality of the car, the period you like to spend driving it will extend as well. However, a number of unfortunate cars are given up by owners within a year of being purchased.

 Automotive research firm, iSeeCars.com, has released a Ranking of Cars People Give Up Within the First Year.

 The following is a summary of the top 10 cars ranked. The numbers in parentheses indicate the percentage resold as used within the first year, with the average for all models being 3.4%.

#10 Nissan Versa(8.7%)

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Versa is a compact sedan that Nissan has been providing in the North American market. Despite being the backbone of the company’s low-price lineup, Versa seems to make owners get tired of its extremely simple interior. The safety equipment of this car is minimally limited, lacking any distinguishing features other than the rear camera. The 2021 model is expected to regain its honor with enhanced equipment.

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Text by Yamato Aoba