PHOTOS : Top 25 Most Popular Instagrammed Cars

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#23 BMW 3 Series
Posted: 502,300

The BMW3, a mid-size sports sedan, is playing a leading role in the car brand. The seventh generation car was awarded the 2019/20 Import Car of the Year for its enhanced safety features while ensuring a dynamic sense of driving. Once in the car, owners tend to choose this 3 Series again when they have to replace it, creating a loyal fan base for the driver-first design.

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#22 Mazda Mazda 6
Posted: 515,000

The Mazda 6 is the flagship model of the Mazda brand, providing a stylish sedan and a spacious wagon. Based on a design that expresses the dynamism of life, the charm of an elegant adult was added. Choosing a clean diesel SKYACTV-D engine provides a 20% improvement in fuel economy when compared to similar cars based on the low compression ratio, which means that you can get the world’s leading high efficiency engine.

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