Top 20 Most Addictive Foods: Make sure you don’t overeat those popular foods you just can‘t resist!

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#18: Muffin (2.50)

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Compared to cake, muffin, with a simple appearance, does not make us feel guilty about eating them as a snack. However, because muffins are made with much white sugar, eating a lot of them can put a huge strain on your liver and can cause inflammation of the arteries.

If you feel the urge to eat muffins, try to make your own with less sugar.

#17: Steak (2.54)

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Thick and juicy steak stimulates our appetites, but the blood left in a red meat steak is addictive.

Protein types such as albumin, hemoglobin, and gamma globulin are contained in a steak that act on our opioid receptors and cause addictive effects.

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Text by Yamato Aoba