Best Luxury Sports Cars for 2020, Ranked : powerful, fast, and come with upscale interiors


#16 Mercedes-Benz SLC Class
Score: 7.6
Price: $49,995 – $64,650


The Mercedes-Benz SLC Class has a dynamic engine and was compacted in a very easy-to-handle way. With its name changed from SLK, this model was identified as SLC by appending C to SL, which means a luxury Roadster. It featured a design similar to the C class, and has a turbocharged engine with enough power, and its fuel economy is good at up to 13km/L. on the motorway. The 2020 model saw the Final Edition, as the final version of the SLC. The model is available in a Yellowstone color that reminds us of the original SLK.

#15 Nissan GT-R
Score: 7.8
Price: $113,540 – $210,740

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The Nissan GT-R has a reputation not only for good acceleration but also for stability at cornering. A powerful suspension, which GT-R takes pride in, helps to reduce swing. Good handling also reduces driving stress. In 2020 model, the Pure Edition was discontinued and a new GT-R 50th anniversary car was released. Based on the Premium Edition, the model was colored in a two-tone way, which reminds us of GT-R racing cars.

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