Ranking The 19 Fastest Supercars In 2020

Everyone loves supercars, which run at super high speeds. One of the most important indicators of car performance is the acceleration rate taken from a stationary state to 100 kph. The performance has been updated year after year, with some supercars now reaching 100 kph in less than three seconds. Canada’s pop culture website, TheThings, has released a ranking of 19 supercars that boast the world’s fastest cars.

#19: Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (2.7 seconds)

Lawrence Carmichael / shutterstock.com

From a long distance, you will be able to recognize the Lamborghini-like designs. The Aventador with a 6.5L V12 engine at 760 horsepower is a limited edition model with only 900 units. The car has less horsepower than other supercars, but can achieve top speeds of over 348 kph by relying on superb aerodynamics. All four wheels are equipped with a 4WS that responds to steering maneuvers, ensuring stable driving regardless of speed.

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Text by 青葉やまと