PHOTOS : Famous 20 Cars Sadly Disappeared From North America

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3.BMW i8

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BMW i8 is a semi-supercar with a near-futuristic design, producing 374ps from engines and motors combined. The 2020 Ultimate Sophist Edition has achieved an unprecedented success as a plug-in hybrid car. As no new successor models are planned now, the i8 will discontinue its sales. BMW has not officially commented on rumors that a successor based on the Vision M Next concept car will be introduced.

4.BMW M8 Coupe and Convertible

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Making its debut as the flagship model of the M-Series, M8 has attracted much attention as a luxury high-performance model. Unfortunately, however, the high popularity of SUVs has made the M8’s presence gradually fade away. Although the retirement of the car has not been officially announced, Coupe and Convertible are not part of the 2021 line-up, and have attracted interest from stakeholders. The good news is that M8 Gran Coupe and 8 Series Coupe, Convertible will continue to be sold.

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